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edu180atl: allison rose 4.23.12

This is an odd day for me to write about learning because it is my day off. I’m a medical student, and most days are filled with learning, both the fact kind and the touchy-feely-inspirational kind. On almost any other day I could easily choose a moment of learning, be it about disease or the patient/family affected by that disease. Medicine is overwhelming in its teachable moments. But today is a rare down day. So what to learn today, when I am not at the hospital, am caught up on most of my work, and am comfy on the couch with a cup of coffee?

The quiet around me is eery; my days are typically filled with the alarms and cacophony of the hospital and my evenings with the roars of my children (I have two boys whose first language is lion). And this loud silence reminds me of one my son’s favorite books, Leslie Patricelli’s Quiet LOUD. The baby in the book moves back and forth between quiet and loud objects and activities (whispering/yelling, crayons/pots & pans), a pendulum swinging between calm and chaos. The pendulum of my life right now is on the calm side, but soon enough it will descend from its quiet hovering back to chaos. My lesson for the day: enjoy the peace while it lasts, but get ready ride ahead, for as Patricelli’s book teaches “Some things are Quiet. Some things are Loud. But everything is FUN!”

Allison Rose is a mom to two want-to-be lions, and she is an almost fourth year medical student. She can recite Good Night Moon from memory and hopes that will serve her well in her future career as a pediatrician.
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  1. Thank you for this post from your day off. I love, “I have two boys whose first language is lion.” I miss having Goodnight Moon by heart–now that my daughter is eight, I have lost touch with those lovely words.

    April 24, 2012

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