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edu180atl: dawn pile 4.30.12

Chilled, fizzy, overflowing, warm…I sipped bountifully from the life of First Grade today.

I was reminded by 19 children that life and learning are full, rich and brimming with energy, joy, and  play when completely open to changed schedules, changed teachers, and unexpected, out-of-the-routine lessons. They did not resist.  They did not complain. They did not want to resign from being students. They did not sigh when a second teaching candidate joined them less than a half hour after a first due to scheduling. They simply chilled and took it all in stride.

I learned again, as it seems I am always learning, what happens when there is the capacity to welcome, engage, and go with the flow. Energy, risk, collaboration, proud sharing, and eager participation bubbled up around the room.  Warmth was extended to strangers, eyes were bright with recognition by them, and the unknown was embraced as it unfolded…bubbling, overflowing energy shared with one another while playing new games that reinforced learning.

Why is it that too often I go directly to stiff questioning, second-guessing, inconvenience, and all the fundamental questions that accompany change rather than chilling, engaging with energy, welcoming the experience, and jumping in to drink fully of the opportunity?

Love those First Graders…with gratitude!

about the author: ELD Coordinator, Trinity School; certified life coach; currently in CTI Leadership Program; Associate with Cobb & Associates; loves reading, writing, wellness, cats

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  1. Stephen G. Kennedy #

    You capture well how young children can manifest the rich inner joy they possess — and welcome the world in! Nicely Done!

    May 2, 2012

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