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edu180atl: martha cox 5.7.12

This past Saturday, my dance studio had its final recital…an event that we work towards the entire year. It’s a culmination of all that the students have learned and their opportunity to showcase those skills to family and friends on a grand stage. As an instructor and studio director for many years, I like to think of myself as prepared for what will happen; I’ve worked with these girls, I know their strengths and weaknesses, and I think I know how things will turn out when they take their dance from the studio to the stage.

Saturday, however, I was reminded that no matter how prepared you think you are, there is always a possibility something will come out of left field to surprise you, which is exactly what happened with what I had considered to be one of my most prepared classes.

A sweet, over-eager young dancer decided to take the lead on a section where in every previous rehearsal she had followed. I sat backstage and watched as the other dancers followed her around the stage in a pattern they had never rehearsed before. What could I do? As much as I wanted to run out and re-order them, I decided I would just have to let it go. But it taught me a valuable lesson for the future: no matter how much you practice and rehearse, you never know nor can control what happens after the lights hit the stage and the music begins.

About the Author: Martha Candler Cox is the owner/lead instructor at the Candler School of Dance in Buckhead. Loves to teach and loves to dance, and feels pretty fortunate to have been able to meld those two into a career.

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  1. Margaret Rodbell #

    Wonderful article and life lesson to remember every day.

    May 8, 2012
  2. Jeff Rodbell #

    Great story. You are absolutely correct. The best made plans. Thanks for sharing.

    May 8, 2012

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