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edu180atl: brandi gunn 5.8.12

Today, an article I found while performing a literature search caught my attention: “Bioethics and environment: a hermeneutic approach.”  Hermeneutic?  What’s that?  Hermeneutics, per Wikipedia, is the study of the theory and practice of interpretation.  WOW!

Here’s a secret:  I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get traction on this research phase of my otherwise didactic and clinical curriculum.  I see other people as “good at research.”  I see myself as “bad at research.” A piece of my inner logjam broke loose when, today, the new-to-me idea of hermeneutics rearranged things in my mind.  Alas – here (in research) lie stones waiting to be turned.  Here lie complementary ideas waiting to be juxtaposed.  And I moved closer to loving research.

Another secret: Surgery Clerkship terrified me.  It combined 80-hour work weeks with extreme clinical demands.  As the clerkship began, our clerkship director advised us that we should “Pretend [we ] are GOING to be surgeons…and see what happens.”  I followed her advice…and I adored surgery.  I am considering a career in surgery entirely because I opened my mind to its wonders.  These include watching peristalsis, learning to suture, watching a naked heart beat, seeing joy on peoples’ faces when their loved ones made it through surgeries, and seeing people go from incredibly sick to back-to-new.  What a gift!

Today I realized:  learning requires commitment, then creativity.

We learn by jumping in – all the way in (that’s commitment) – then finding the beauty in it (that’s creativity).  Banish preconceived notions.

Banish fear.  Jump in!

About the Author: Brandi Gunn (@hoverwater) is a med student, wife, mother of 2 amazing daughters (7 and 9).  Probably needs food right now.

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  1. Really nice post, thanks for sharing! I’ve been obsessed lately with the “moment of insight”, a concept I learned in David Rock’s book “Your Brain at Work”. Goes hand-in-hand with your idea, I think, in that the moment of insight often sparks our greatest moments of creativity and provides for our clearest moments of thinking. The bravery part, well, I guess that’s up to us!

    May 8, 2012
  2. Muriel Knope #

    Thank you for “hermeneutics.” This was definitely my big new word of the day. And I really like what you shared. I am in awe. You definitely have commitment and creativity, combining med school with parenting two young children. I love the advice of your clerkship director: “Pretend you are going to be a surgeon.” Just pretend for a moment … what a great way to put fear, doubt and skepticism on hold …

    May 9, 2012

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