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edu180atl: natasha ambriz 5.10.12

The best things come in small packages. I never paid much attention to what this saying could actually mean.  My way of thinking about it changed as I encountered a small but very difficult task for me:

Today, I had to run a mile during P.E. class — that’s 7 laps around the soccer field. I was less than thrilled because “running” would definitely not be on my list of strengths or things that I enjoy. The blazing sun discouraged me even more. I was forced to run it though, because if I didn’t, Coach would give me a zero.

Luckily, my class was first to run the mile. As I started to run, I was jogging lightly but was in about eighth place. I did not want to continue this way, so I put more effort into my running by moving my arms faster. I caught up and was in fifth then fourth place!

I was running, breathing in and out steadily. When I had a lap left, I was determined to keep going and try my best. Being so close to finishing, I ran as fast as I could to get it over with although fatigue was overcoming me. I crossed the finish line with a time of nine minutes and eleven seconds.

Big lessons came to me in just that ONE small mile. Even though some force is attempting to control you, you have to keep going and achieve your goal. My goal, on this particular day, was to complete the mile and feel proud of myself.

I am happy.

About the Author: Natasha Ambriz attends The Atlanta Academy and is in Miss Smith’s 5th grade class. She loves reading, math, and science. Her favorite book is Catching Fire.  She also loves to laugh.

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