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edu180atl: erin levin 5.15.12

Today I learned that dreams really do come true. Prayers are answered. Wishes granted.

Let me tell you three ways this just happened:

1) My mission in life is to share good news. Just by you reading this post, I am engaging in that purpose becoming a reality. Thanks for helping make good news happen!

2) There was once a group of recent Notre Dame grads who did not want to throw their books in the trash. They ran a book drive – 10 years ago this week – and ended up creating the company I now write to you from, Better World Books! To date, we have raised almost $12 million for our literacy and library partners and donated over 6 million books to learners in need.

3) 28 years ago during the civil war in Uganda, one man had an idea. A dream. He wanted to bring the orphans to the West to show the world the hope, dignity, beauty and potential of Africa’s children. Today, the 39th African Children’s Choir is getting ready to come to America to perform for people like me and you. Their tour will raise enough funding for these children, who would otherwise not make it to 2nd grade, to go on to university. Former members are now leading lawyers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and of course, musicians, across the Continent!

I hope this inspires you to chase your dreams with all your heart and mind! Learn on!

Erin Levin (@makinggoodnews) is a storyteller with a passion for serving up good news.

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  1. Julie Rosenkranz #

    Thank you for the uplifting post. BTW, I purchase from and donate to Better World Books on a weekly basis. Now I know the story behind the company.

    May 15, 2012

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