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edu180atl: mary catherine groome 5.16.12

See you later alligator…

This year went by in a snap.  Those are the words spoken in my classroom each morning as we count down to summer.  Six days left, and all I hear are moans and groans from students that kindergarten is almost over. 

Here I am looking forward to a break, a chance to unwind and be lazy, and yet my students are ready to shed tears that school is almost over.  There’s something to be said about their sadness.  They know the truth.  School is a gift. Education is a gift.  How often in life do we celebrate the joy of learning, the ability to learn, and the incredible education we are capable of receiving? Through their moans and groans, I realize that they have it correct.  They’ve come so far, they’ve learned so much, and they’ve had a blast doing so.  Why stop now? Learning is fun and a lifetime gift that we should never stop achieving.  Because really, before we know it, life will go by in a snap.      

Mary Catherine Groome teaches Kindergarten at The Schenck School.  She is an avid runner, painter, camp director, and outdoor enthusiast.  You can almost always find her hanging out with little kiddos teaching them something about life both indoors and out. 

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