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edu180atl: ted sadtler 5.23.12

I had to drive home to take Fred the Jack Russell terrier for a walk, before returning to school for a 5:00pm meeting. The drive home was my first quiet moment to think about what I would write this evening. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed the Lily of the Nile had begun to bloom. We planted them a few years ago and just this spring they’ve reached full flower.

After this split-second recognition my attention turned not to the delicate purple flowers, but to the orientation of their stems. All this time, competing with the dogwood tree overhead for sunlight, these Lily of the Nile leaned in the direction of the sun.

Since August I too have leaned toward the sun, toward the bright spots of reflection and dialogue in Atlanta: students expressing their uniqueness and creativity, adults facing cataclysmic change in their lives, teachers reveling in the endearing moments of their day, parents expressing their hopes for their children. I really do think that the 170+ authors have captured the full range of experience that comes with devoting oneself to a lifetime of learning. And yet, there are so many degrees yet to capture. So I continue leaning toward the brightness of our community’s reflections, waiting with anticipation as the next group of volunteers write, read, comment, edit, and share what it means to be a learner.

So, sign up again in the fall, tell a friend, and keep the conversation going.

About the author: Ted Sadtler (@senor206) is a co-founder of edu180atl, a Spanish teacher, coach, Integration Specialist, and an intermittent blogger at ¡Inglés Fatal!

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  1. Kudos, Ted! In this coming school year, let us all lean toward the light of shared experience

    May 24, 2012

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