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One Week to Go!

We are very excited to begin a new season of conversations, beginning Monday, August 6.  Please continue to share edu180atl with your friends, family, coworkers, and virtual network.  Edu180atl has a growing presence on Facebook and Twitter.  We welcome you to “Like” and “Follow” accordingly.

Within the next few days anyone that has signed on to write will receive a confirmation email giving basic information about their date to write and the parameters of their upcoming post.  We ask that you reply with a simple confirmation when you receive the email.

In other news, the reach of edu180atl continues to expand.  Yesterday the South Bay Unified School District in San Diego, CA began a year-long project of shared learning.  You may follow their progress at  Their superintendent kicked off the year with the first post–a ringing endorsement if ever there was one.  This is the third such project that has sprung from the edu180atl model, a testament to the power of sharing a simple reflection such as “What did you learn today?”.  Of course, the edu180atl project itself was patterned after the3six5 project.

Where will this project lead?  And what if these disparate projects began to connect?  Food for thought.

See you next week!

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