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edu180atl: suzanna jemsby 8.15.12

Today, August 15, is a national holiday in India. All over the country, citizens are marking the day by hoisting flags, and engaging in fun such as kite-flying, and pampering themselves with Bollywood movies and songs. Here in ZIP code 30342, we are celebrating something else. The start of school.  

I’ve been waiting for this moment since last November, when it was announced I would be Galloway’s new head of school come July. After all, my colleagues and I didn’t enter the profession of education to exist without students! So the big challenge that lies before us this year, and those subsequent, is how we the educators help each student realize her or his potential.  

It’s no mean feat. Each student is so very different from the next. And that’s something we take great pride in here at Galloway. Fresh from the carpool line, I can testify to a huge array of emotions and dispositions among community members — excitement, joy, determination, anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, pride, sleeplessness, enthusiasm, frustration, apprehension, hope, expectancy…  When each approaches learning from a slightly different perspective, how can we capitalize on the difference to enrich our community? My colleagues are thinking carefully about how to leverage this individuality for the greater good of learning.

So while young people in India may be flying kites, I wonder how our young people will be engaged today? The rest of today I will be in classrooms finding out!

In addition to her role as Head of School at Galloway, Ms. Jemsby is a freelance cellist and a published author of short stories. 

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  1. Rebekah #

    I really like your post. That really set me to thinking about how I walked into school on Monday. I had several of those feelings.

    August 15, 2012
  2. I’m sure Galloway is experiencing its own flag raising today, celebrating the start of a school year with you at its helm. So often schools proclaim that the first day was met by all with unbridled excitement. Anyone experiencing “anxiety, frustration, or sleeplessness” feels outside the fold and questions their authentic emotions. I appreciate your acknowledgement of the full range of responses and your recognition that learning proceeds from understanding.

    August 15, 2012
  3. marj segal #

    Yesterday was our granddaughter Maggie’s first day of 1st grade at Galloway. We are so thrilled that the two of you are beginning this exciting and wonderful journey together.

    August 16, 2012
  4. Kim #

    Love this blog post and this blog, in general; what a great idea. As a parent researching schools for my 4-year-old (let’s go class of 2025!), these blog posts serve as great advertisements for the schools because they give me a real sense of the passion and skill level of each educator. Ms. Jemsby is an author, cellist and head master? I’ve added The Galloway School to my short list.

    August 17, 2012

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