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edu180atl: tara subramaniam 8.20.12

Tick tock, tick tock. At precisely 2:40, the bell rings and the dinging in my ears is quickly replaced by a cacophony of voices, each rising to be heard over each other. Welcome to my world and the routine that is high school. Today marks the first day of my first real week of school. And even though I’ve been out of practice with going to school, I learned that school is now such an ingrained part of me, that I fell right back into step.  It’s actually quite comforting, to have a tried and true routine to fall back on.

But the realization that my life is relatively all scheduled and has been for years, has me thinking about the future, the uncertain realm of what’s to come. In that mystical land, full of choices and possibilities, I have no routine. I’m still trying to figure out, as I weave through my daily routine, what I want that future to look like. And though the prospect of no more bells directing my every move seems strange, it also fills me with a great sense of excitement and freedom. Freedom beyond the everyday cycle into a new world sounds fantastic.

Til then, I will continue to cling lovingly to my evolving life pattern and cherish the remaining routine moments I have left.

About: Tara Subramaniam (@tara_supersub) is an energetic sophomore trying to figure out the meaning of life. She loves to run, read and talk, especially about her thoughts on education which can also be found at

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  1. Tara,
    As always, profound words of wisdom. Thank you for your honesty and the reflections on the pressures to balance “the clock” of life vs. the “pursuit of possibility”. You are wise beyond your years, to be sure! One of the things I have come to cherish as my years advance is that my life is both a routine/ schedule and is full of the unexpected. I remember the moment I became aware that “everything” on my “to do list” would not be done. It was not the awareness that stuck with me; it was the peace I felt with that awareness. My “to-do-list” is an important reflection of my life…of my being.. of my values. The routine serves it’s place, as does the freedom. Thank you for making time to write and to share your perspective. It is wonderful!

    August 20, 2012

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