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edu180atl: marguerite bernard 8.22.12

AP Economics, like most other AP courses, usually does not implement games into class lectures; however, today (I know, a Wednesday!) our teacher lightened our spirits before lunch by introducing a new world dubbed “Econoland.” Here, two groups, firms and individual households, needed to develop plans to generate the greatest return or utility (“Econos”) respectively in order to win. Positioned as a household, I was handed an assortment of resources that I needed to trade with a business in order to make a profit as well as satisfaction for “Econo” cards; at first, I considered simply setting a high enough price so that I’d receive the greatest profit possible and, in return, the most “Econos.” Unfortunately, after multiple encounters with my peers, I made not a single penny – zilch! I was left to watch my classmates configure plans that encouraged trade!

Ultimately, this simple game acted as a recurring lesson that I learned as early as Kindergarten, both with respect to economics and dealing with people in general; one must create a balance between parties, considering the opinions of others as well as one’s own when making a deal or discussing an issue. Only then will one succeed, not only with a deal but also with creating strong, lasting relationships with others. Although I may not have won the game in class, I surely won the opportunity to recognize past lessons and learn from my mistakes!

Marguerite Bernard, a senior at Riverwood High School, enjoys calculus, spending time with family, and playing volleyball.

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