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edu180atl: karen anderson 8.28.12

It’s raining! It’s pouring! Oh, no, INDOOR RECESS!  This can be a first grade teacher’s worst nightmare.

Today as our class had just gotten outdoors, the rain came pouring down and spoiled all our fun.  The children were begging to stay out, but we reminded them that you should “Be Flexible” (one of our class mottos).  So, inside we came.  Now what?  Well, we pulled out blocks, colored cubes, and unifix cubes for a period of exploration.  The students chose what they wanted to do.  Some decided to draw or read.  The indoor recess became a flurry of activity.  They had so much fun creating pyramids, towers, a candy factory, the Great Wall of China, catapults, and so much more.  Most were working with one or two other children.  There was a great deal of collaboration as they altered their original plans.  One child remarked as our recess time came to an end, “I hope it rains tomorrow.  Indoor recess is the BEST!”


Karen Anderson (@KarenAnderson71) First Grade Teacher at The Westminster Schools who enjoys the chance to be a part of the excitement of being a child.

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  1. scootd #

    Indoor or outdoors, first graders are the best!!!!

    September 11, 2012

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