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edu180atl: michele brown 8.31.12

I’ve reached that point where I find myself the “old one,” the “Yoda,” if you will, of my department where my colleagues range from the tender teaching ages of 26 to 32. Now the wise old mentor am I.  Yes, hmmm. I could certainly use that Zen muppet and maybe even his light saber some days. “How do you get your students to have an entire discussion without raising their hands?” “Do you think this email to Johnny’s parents where I mention he obviously has shown no effort is o.k.?” Mentoring is like teaching an extra prep—Teaching in the Real Classroom 101—albeit these “students” are truly interested and actually want to be in school. Some days, after working with teachers and students, little enthusiasm remains for preparing my own classes or grading essays (pile up so quickly in the first weeks they do!).  But, as Yoda must realize when Luke Skywalker finally feels the force, I too am passing on my hard-earned wisdom. Mentoring was not my original mission, but it rejuvenates my spirit and enhances my own teaching. Still have much to learn do I.

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