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edu180atl: mary stuart reticker 9.12.12

As we are getting farther into the year, school work is starting to pick up, which surprisingly, I enjoy! Thus far, Spanish class has been the most challenging. Each day we delve deeper and deeper into a novel, and so it is completely necessary that I understand what we have read before I start the next chapter. This can be very confusing in a class with multiple native speakers who are perpetually ready for every assignment that is thrown at us. That is one of many bonuses of attending an international school, the multitude of cultures provides a very unique learning environment. Since the Spanish book we are reading is about immigrants, it was very interesting to hear stories about people in my class who have immigrated here, and the struggles they have faced since arriving.

Two of my classes this year, AP Comparative Government and AP United States History have the tendency to overlap. For example, today we discussed the Constitution in both classes, but in very different aspects. In AP Gov, we compared it to a couple other countries, like Nigeria and England. We discussed the pros and cons of it and analyzed how we could improve it. In contrast, in AP US, we looked at it as the first document of its kind, in a very ethnocentric view. It was cool to see how you can look at one document in so many different ways.

I also learned that it is very, very hard to stunt in cheerleading after 5 hours of sleep.

About the author: Mary Stuart Reticker is an IB Diploma Candidate at Riverwood International High School. She is also a cheerleader and soccer player. Her favorite subjects are History and Spanish. 

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  1. PJR #

    sounds like you’re learning quite a bit keep up the good work thanks for the insight

    September 13, 2012

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