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edu180atl: arit essien 9.26.12

Apparently today was an important day in history, and I had no clue about it, nor did Google or my “smart”phone remind me…It was my six-year-old, bouncing with unbridled energy, in a screaming-red “Cars” t-shirt, who ‘educated’ me about today. “Do you know what I learned in school?” he yelled as I flung open the car door to tote him home from early release (hate early release). “What?” I entertained, ready for a mundane report on morning message, recess and specials. “We learned about Johnny Appleseed. Today is his birthday!” Recalling the name from somewhere in my aging intellect, I probed for more information about the known/unknown man. “Well, we celebrated his birthday, but he wasn’t there. He’s a person that plants trees all over the world to make apple pie, apple juice and apple cider.” “Why did he that?” I asked skeptically, trying to recall if Johnny Appleseed was fictional or actually real. “Because everyone was fighting cause they didn’t have food, then Johnny Appleseed had a deep sleep and dreamed about it.” “Seriously!” he continued, reading my thoughts. “He was born in 1774 and he was white, and had a beard and a small nose. He lives in Massachusetts—and I spelled that,” he added with a ting of pride. I very well couldn’t question much after that. “But why apples?” I asked for one last form of verification. “Cause his name was Johnny Appleseed!” he shot back. Today indeed was an interesting learning day –for Mommy.

About the author:  Arit Essien (@AritEssien) is the proud Mommy of a first-grader, a community leader and founder of the Atlanta youth chapter of the National Congress of Black Women –a 501c3 organization.

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  1. Elizabeth Lennen #

    That was awesome!! So proud! 🙂

    October 3, 2012

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