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edu180atl: simon chio 10.1.12

As the leaves begin to change, we kick-off another admissions season in Atlanta. While many may moan and groan about how stressful or tiring this process can be, I have advice for both sides.  

To the parents, I encourage you to trust the process but have fun along the way. Sign up for tours, visit open houses, attend athletics events and take in a school musical or two. Admissions may be different at each school, but trust that each school is doing what is best for your child’s success. Also, if you have any questions, please ask them. We are always happy to help.

To my colleagues, remember that all of this hard work will be worth it come this spring. Take some time to remind yourself why you love your job so visit a classroom or have lunch with your students. We put in long hours so we can welcome new students with whom we will share these same experiences.

I have learned to truly love this time of year, not loathe it. This isn’t just an opportunity for us to showcase our wonderful schools. This is an opportunity for us to help great families navigate the process so they can find the best schools for their bright, hard-working and amazing children.

Admissions is like the residential real estate industry. Lots of agents can show you a house, but the best agents will show you a home.

Come on in the front door. We’re ready to welcome you into our homes.

Simon is the Associate Director of Admissions at Pace Academy. In his spare time, he’s a 7th grade girls basketball coach, MBA candidate, wannabe foodie, proud UGA alum and NYO sports fan.


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  1. Kirsten Beard #

    Well said, Simon! Thanks for representing us well. Let’s cherish each day this admissions season.

    October 1, 2012
  2. Stephen Kennedy #

    A much-needed perspective, and highly hopeful, in a city where I believe the schools — who sit in the position of power — are responsible for setting a positive and encouraging tone of respect and integrity. We — the schools — are the ones who inadvertently set parent against parent and against school – and school against school. Ideally your view will help inspire us to a higher standard.

    October 3, 2012

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