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edu180atl: harriet litzky 10.15.12

The other day I was reading an article and ran across this quote by Mark Salkind, Head of The Urban School of San Francisco: “Our classes are not so much about the transfer of knowledge, but about students constructing knowledge for themselves.” 

I work in a school for children with Dyslexia. Half of my Fifth graders are new to our school, having experienced tremendous frustration in the public school setting. They were handicapped by their lack of fluent reading and writing. Providing them with a variety of key strategies and methods to learn has decreased their anxieties. They have become open to exploring and seeking information for themselves. Whatever tools we can provide for our students to become fluent in their learning will encourage them to continue to seek out the knowledge.

How lucky to live in the 21st century  where the doors of learning can be opened to all, using whatever keys they need to unlock them.

About the Author: Harriet Litzky has been educating students for 30 years.

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  1. “Seeking information for themselves” is my favorite line. Helping them build the necessary skills, while guiding an environment that inspires them to seek, is key. Thank you for your dedication and generosity. Having worked in San Francisco for a number of years, I hold great respect for the Urban School, its adults and programs.

    October 16, 2012

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