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edu180atl: erin dixon 10.18.12

Several weeks ago, our principal asked the administrative team (as pictured!) to read Standout by Marcus Buckingham. The book comes with a code for an online test you take to identify your areas of strength as a team member, and then the book gives you details about your strengths and some potential pitfalls. This morning in our meeting, we went around the table and listened as each person discussed his/her results. The results, in my opinion, were completely accurate, as I could associate the descriptions for each person with his/her presence on the administrative team.

If I am completely honest, I have to admit that I have always been “that person” who loves to take the random questionnaires about what certain behaviors say about you. For example, what does it really say about me that I could eat olives, pickles, and baby corn for lunch every day and enjoy it? As you can see, taking a quiz to identify your strengths as a team member was right up my alley. I learned that for our primary strengths, our team has two providers, two equalizers, two influencers, and one pioneer. And while I think it is cool that I have a new “label” for each of my co-workers, ultimately this type of information will be valuable as we continue our work together. I think it will make us even more effective since we will now be able to identify the strengths and perspectives each person brings to the table.

About the Author: Erin Dixon teaches middle school. She owns 101 pairs of shoes, is a mother of a beautiful 7-year-old girl, and is just a tiny bit crazy. 

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