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edu180atl: amy darsey 10.26.12

As I end my afternoon with a walk, I reflect on what I have learned from my first graders today. Not only was my day filled with laughter, conversation, and excitement, I was once again reminded to sit back and listen. The conversations and interactions between six and seven year olds are unique.

Today, my first graders talked about books, losing teeth, putting “first things first,” (like going to gymnastics), sharing stories through writing, and they of course, lived life to the fullest on the playground! It is days like today that make me smile and happy that I spend most of my time in the classroom.

My first graders are funny, energetic, and eager learners. I know that I am the teacher, but today I felt more like the student, as I have learned that life is about listening to the noises of little ones!

About the writer:  Amy Darsey is a mother, wife, and teacher who loves her crazy life. She is the most happy when she is with her family. She also enjoys reading a good book and going on a long run.

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  1. Rebekah W. #

    Very nice!
    Sometimes I enjoy being the student, but I like to teach things to my peers as well. I really enjoy my American History class because I feel like that is when I can shine because I can teach my peers.

    November 5, 2012

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