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edu180atl: suzie bass 11.2.12

“Soy representante de admisiones!” we each said proudly to everyone we passed.  Our admissions team had decided to learn to speak a bit of Spanish, and one of our Spanish teachers generously – and bravely – offered to teach us once a week during her lunch hour.  We were grateful and excited, and had mastered one whole sentence.

The world has become a global community and we live in a city with a large Spanish-speaking population.  Some of our students’ parents speak primarily Spanish.  Improving our ability to communicate in Spanish will certainly be useful in our profession.

Educators are well aware of the many reasons to learn more than one language, from improving job possibilities to promoting multi-cultural understanding.  Scientists have determined language learning ability does not disappear with age. In fact, language learning assists in the preservation and resilience of neuronal connections, a significant asset as people age.

So we go to class and we listen to the engaging cadence of our teacher’s voice as she immerses us in her native Spanish.  We stumble on vocabulary, we struggle with verb conjugations, and we smile broadly when our teacher encourages us with “Vale! Vale!” As we learn more we begin to see the world a little differently.  We are totally invigorated after each session.  Our class is an instant reminder of the joy involved in life-long learning.  Give yourself a treat; sign up to discover a new language and a new slant on life. Que vivan los profesores de lenguas extranjeras!

About the author:  Suzie is a member of The Galloway School admissions team.  Having discovered there is never enough spare time, she allocates minutes carefully between hanging out with her family, dancing (swing, Zydeco and tango), hiking and kayaking. 

note: today’s picture was selected by the edu180atl editorial team.

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