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edu180atl: margaret gunter 11.6.12

“if we don’t get more writers soon, we are going to have to close shop.” What?!?

When I opened my email today one of the first messages I read was from the edu180atl lead editor informing myself and the other editors, that we needed to increase our recruitment of writers or else edu180atl might dissolve and cease to exist. My first thought was ‘This can’t happen! What will I and all the other followers do without our daily dose of food for thought.” As I brainstormed ways to secure more writers I couldn’t help but listen to my nagging conscious reminding me that I have yet to actually write a post.

After some reflection I realized it’s easy and enjoyable to be a consumer of edu180atl, but being a contributor, while more difficult, is a critical piece to keeping the collaboration and learning alive. I believe in edu180 and enjoy the daily dose of inspiration I get from all the writers. I put off signing up for a spot because of my fear of having the “right” topic. Today I learned it’s not about having the “right” topic, but that it is important to share learning big or small.

The bottom line is that we all learn something everyday. edu180atl is a chance to share our learning experiences with the greater Atlanta community. If you’ve considered writing, but just keep putting it off, consider signing up today The edu180atl community needs you!

About the author: Margaret enjoys learning through listening, reading, and conversations. As a student, educator, wife, and mother she has lots of people to learn from.

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