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edu180atl: mattie drucker 11.9.12

A lot of people spend most of their lives thinking about who they are. The thing is I don’t think I have this problem. I make who I am, I change constantly, and the people around me form me into the person that I am as well. When I asked people what they wanted to be known as when they leave school, they mostly replied: “I want people to think I am nice” “Smart” “Caring” “Considerate.” These qualities are great, but the only thing I want is people to remember me.

I hear stories about people going to reunions and not remembering whom their best friends are. If you are reading this and you already have gone through school, I ask you, can you name everyone who you usually talked to? More importantly, do you keep in touch with them? If you replied no to these questions, well maybe something should change. You may not have the ability to talk to the people of the past, but keep in touch with the people of the future. What I mean by this is, keep the pieces of paper with cell phone numbers on it, and don’t throw away last years calendar with all of those emails. I don’t want this to be just another article that nags about only living once (YOLO) but its true. What are you going to regret in the end? I bet you can change it.

About the Author: Mattie Drucker is currently an 8th grade student, who enjoys volleyball, acting, and singing her heart out. She also likes to laugh… a lot. 

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  1. Mattie, I love the idea of “who you are” being a combination of who you want to be and who you allow yourself to become based on the people in your life. My 20th high school reunion took place earlier in the fall and although I didn’t attend, all the Facebook activity in anticipation of the event has brought me closer to my former classmates, many of whom I’d let go of long, long ago.

    Who we become is a life-long process made up of daily decisions regarding who we are to ourselves and others and who we allow into our lives. And every opportunity lost is an opportunity squandered. Great reflection!

    November 13, 2012

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