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edu180atl: katie jones 12.13.2012

I envisioned a calm lull at some point, between the rush of preplanning and final exams at Christmas, but that hasn’t happened, at least not yet.  Between my long-range projects, weekly meetings, immediate deadlines, spontaneous conversations with colleagues, club gatherings, phone calls, teaching a class, parent conferences, and book studies, my professional life feels like nothing short of a whirlwind.  I love it, for certain, but it’s busy.

As an optimist, I cling to the belief that the coming days will be calmer, once I accomplish [insert tasks here].   Often that reality remains a fantasy.  To some, my routine might seem exhausting.  At work there’s always “one more thing” needing attention, “one more thing” requiring my energy, “one more thing” demanding my time.

I am learning that such is life – whether it’s your family, home, health, car, pet, hobbies, friends – there will always be “one more thing” that presents itself as an obstacle to the peaceful lull I mentioned above.  We can choose to view these events as annoyances, or we can take these as opportunities to stretch beyond our comfort zone and grow.  Of course it’s not always fun (sometimes it’s outright painful) to slug through 100 pages in a week for a book study or hold an uncomfortable conversation with a parent regarding a child.  But how we respond to the “one more things” defines us, and rather than dread my ever-lengthening to-do list, I choose to learn from the tremendous opportunities presented to me.

About the author:  Katie Jones (@kej418) is passionate about learning, collaboration, leadership, eternal optimism, and working with middle grades students at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.

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  1. You are absolutely right, how we choose to respond defines us, no doubt. I also am learning that if I don’t choose peace it will not come to me. It is entirely up to me to insert the peaceful lull as the next thing. But as “mustangs” we somehow keep charging ahead! 🙂

    December 13, 2012

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