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edu180atl: emma borne 1.14.13

As I sat down today to think about what I have learned, I realized that I have learned the importance of doing just that—sitting down and thinking. Or put a different way, the importance of reflecting. This past August I started my freshman year of college. Being a first-year student and a pre-med major, I constantly had somewhere to be, something do, or someone to meet. I was endlessly busy. In that endless busyness that is familiar to so many of us, it is hard to remember to step back now and again and think about what exactly is going in your life. I wanted my first semester of college to be special, though, so I actively spent time reflecting on the things I was doing. What I discovered is that taking time to reflect adds so much meaning to your life. Instead of going through the motions day after day without really thinking, reflection forces you to answer questions such as, why am I doing this? What have I learned from these experiences? How have I grown? What are my goals? Now I’m not suggesting that you must spend hours a week pondering philosophical questions. I’m saying take ten minutes a night to write about your day in a journal. Have meaningful discussion with your friends. Pray. Take a moment and step back. Don’t let life whiz by. Take control and slow it down, even if it is just for a moment. Trust me—it’s worth it.

About the author: Emma Borne is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame. She attended Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School for high school and has a passion for learning.

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  1. Samantha #

    What great advice, Emma! Reflection is so important in life, and busy adults often forget to do it. Busy students may not even know that they should be doing it! You are wise beyond your years. Thanks for this important reminder to step back, think, and reflect.

    January 14, 2013
  2. Gérard Gatoux #

    ¡Muchísimas gracias por tus comentarios muy perspicaces con los cuales estoy completamente de acuerdo!

    January 14, 2013
  3. Very well said and great that you’ve learned this at such a young age. Thanks so much for writing and sharing.

    January 14, 2013
  4. Reflection, indeed. Sounds simple enough, but you show how, and why, to do it. Thank you.

    January 14, 2013

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