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edu180atl: amanda bowers 1.16.13

Every Monday I awake and think to myself, “can’t wait till Friday.” It’s not that I do not like my job or my life; it’s more of thought process that I have been accustomed to since the age of four.  This way of thinking has begun to change as I watch my children grow and develop into teenagers and realize that I cannot get back those times of being the center of their universe. I watch my parents’ lives change and still in my mind hold on to how they were when I was a kid. Through social media I continuously see postings and tweets about the loss of loved ones to tragic accidents or illness. Over the holiday break I decided to change my mindset from “working for the weekend” to “carpe diem.” I am trying to take advantage of my daily interactions to learn something that allows me grow intellectually and spiritually. I am hoping that even in my most stressful day I am able to create a positive memory or moment to make the day special not only to me but to the people that matter to me the most, whether it is my family, friends, co-workers, or the eager learners that I work with daily.  Yes, it is easy to fall back into my old routines of getting through the day to “hit the hay” but in the end I want to be remembered for “seizing the day” instead of rushing through to the weekend.

About the author: Amanda Bowers is a mother of two boys, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a dedicated teacher and a passionate learner.  

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  1. Graham bowers #


    January 16, 2013
  2. Stephen Kennedy #

    I think we all have to be reminded that we live right now – not tomorrow. It’s not easy to catch the carpe in the diem because the river rushes quickly. So thank you for the articulate and spirited reflection.

    January 17, 2013

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