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edu180atl: mary hannah martin 1.17.13

Today I learned about Martin Luther King. He turned the world upside down. People treated dark skinned people very bad and that was just right after the Civil War for slavery but they still treated people mean. There were signs that said white people only, and the dark skinned people could only ride on the back of the bus. Once a black skinned girl got on the bus and she sat down and a white man told her to get up and she said no so she got arrested. I think they were treated terrible.

Once Martin Luther king grew up he changed the world. He spoke with big words and met many people and prayed and sang with them. As he changed the world, he made white skinned people nice to dark skinned people. Not all white people were mean. Some were on his side.  Now everyone can go to the same school and church. They can go everywhere.

Now we can play together. I see dark skinned boys playing with light skinned boys at school. I have three dark skinned friends. It doesn’t matter our skin or hair or eyes. It doesn’t matter anything. We are all people.

About the author: Mary Hannah is a first grade student at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. She enjoys reading, playing, and adventures.  She hopes to be a veterinarian, pet breeder, or pet shelter person when she grows up.

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  1. Stephen Kennedy #

    Mary Hannah, thank you for this message. Your writing is outstanding! I thought I was reading something by a much older person. I am touched by what you say. I had kind of a hard day today. And your writing – well, it has given my day inspiration, meaning, and joy. I am very, very grateful. You are a special individual – and I hope you continue to writer for a long, long time!

    January 17, 2013

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