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edu180atl: will miller 1.18.13

I know that the majority of this world has heard of the phrase “YOLO”, you only live once. For the first time today, I finally figured out what that really, truly means. Some may say that it means that you can go and do whatever you want, even if it is not smart for your ego. I say that YOLO really means that sure, you need to live a happy, fun life, but deep down inside, at the end of the day, you need to have people know you for who you really are (hopefully that is a good thing). If at the end of your life, everyone knows you for that person that was really cool but not that great of a person, then I feel that I have not accomplished my personal goals in life. I want to be known as the person that was always nice to others, always friendly. If this is not achieved after I reflect on my previous day at night, I look towards another great day ahead of me.

Remember, you can always have a better day tomorrow, and you can ALWAYS change the way that people look at you. So, YOLO, my friends and live every day like it was your last. If it just so happens to be, how would you want people to remember you?

BIO: Will Miller is an eighth grader at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta. He enjoys sports.

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