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The mission of the edu180atl project is to nurture and encourage the spirits of those who love to learn, to connect learners across disciplines and settings, and to deepen the national conversation about education by enabling parents, students, and educators to share stories of what they are learning every day.

We hope that the edu180atl project will inspire spin-off projects across the U.S.A and all over the world! The edu180atl team is happy to provide any guidance or assistance in getting your edu180 project off the ground. We’ve even created a detailed start your own edu180 guide.

All we ask is that you give us a little credit for the idea and let us know about your project by emailing us at edu180atl [at] gmail [dot] com.

1. THE 184 PROJECT: Alberta, Canada (Parkland School Division) ~ 2011-12 school year

Through viewing the edu180atl project, we wanted to share some of our stories with Parkland School Division for the 2011-2012 school year.  This project is hoping to share the voices of the Parkland School Division and how we are all learners together in this journey as we move forward.

2. A.J. McLellan Learns Project: British Columbia, Canada (Surrey School Division) ~ 2012-13 school year

Following the lead of the 184 project of the Parkland School District in Alberta, who took the idea from the #edu180atl initiative, a number of teachers in the Surrey School District discussed on Twitter the formation of a similar project that could be followed by schools and organizations throughout the world.  The idea is that every day during the school year, one person from AJ McLellan (student, teacher, administrator, parent) will post to this blog about something that they learned that day.

3. The SBUSD Year of Learning Project: San Diego, California ~ 2012-13 school year

Modeled after the edu180atl project which started in August, 2011, the mission of the SBUSD Year of Learning is to share our collective stories and celebrate the community of learners we have throughout South Bay.  We hope this project will nurture and encourage people who love to learn, connect learners across disciplines and settings, and deepen the conversation about education in South Bay.  We want to empower parents, students, educators and other members of the South Bay community to share stories of what they are learning every day. If you have any questions, please contact us at

4. Learn365@Riverdale: New York, New York ~ 2012-13 school year

Learning@Riverdale is Riverdale Country School’s contribution to the #Learn365 Project. It is based off of past iterations such as the Parkland School Divisions 184 Days of Learning and the #edu180atl initiative based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The goal is to paint a virtual mural of what happens every day on our campus and what we as a school value as learning.

5. Delta: 180 Days of Learning: British Columbia, Canada (Delta School District) ~ 2012-13 school year

Delta is not the first school district to set up a 180 Days of Learning Blog. The project started with a few schools in Atlanta a couple years ago (, and last year spread to Alberta ( Since other school districts are participating, our journey can be shared with other school districts engaged in similar projects.

6. Leyden Learn 365: Franklin Park, IL ~ 2012-13 school year

If you are not familiar with the concept of #learn365, it is based on previous iterations 184 days of learning and edu180atl.  The idea is to simply have one person from the school district share something they learned and their brief reflection.

7. HZN165 – 165 Days of Learning at Hillard Horizon Elementary: Columbus, Ohio ~ 2012-13 school year

HZN165 is a project that sets out to capture the stories of learning from students, parents, teachers and other members of the Hilliard Horizon Elementary community. It is the mission of this project to share these stories of learning with the world in an attempt to show how much our community values learning something new every day.

8. East View Learns 100: Oswego, Illinois ~ 2012-13 school year

Collecting 100 stories of learning from the #evlearns100 community.

9. Learning Everyday in Burlington Public Schools: Burlington, Massachusetts ~ 2012-13 school year

Through this project we hope to share the voices of Burlington Public Schools and how we are a community of learners enjoying our journey together.

10. Learn365@Dwight: New York, New York ~ 2012-13 school year
Learn365@Dwight is a peek into one of the many discoveries and ideas that our students and faculty have every day. This blog is Dwight’s contribution to the #Learn365 Project, inspired by Alberta, Canada’s Parkland School Division’s 184 Days of Learning and Atlanta’s #edu180atl initiative.
11. Aptakisic Jr. High School, Buffalo Grove, IL
A teacher from AJHS reached out to us in early December to inform us that they will be launching their own edu180 blog on or around January 14.  Once the url is established we will post it here, but in the meantime, you may follow progress on the project at the Principal’s blog,
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  1. Maryellen #

    Anna, I love this post, for I can hear your passion and determination! My favorite part is the last paragraph:

    You can’t get better at something unless you want to get better. Without that love of riding, I wouldn’t have gotten better as quickly. I wouldn’t have dedicated myself to getting better. Practice can make “perfect,” but you need to have a positive mindset and the desire to get better. If you don’t have that desire, then you won’t go anywhere.

    To have learned this as a young person is quite remarkable!

    September 20, 2011

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