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edu180atl: hartley jeffries 12.12.2012

When I meet someone new and he or she asks me what I do for a living, my response is always easy, automatic, and true: I am a teacher.  Probe a little more, and my new friend might ask what subject I teach and what grade levels I work with.  Upon discovering that I teach Spanish to middle school students, my acquaintance will nearly always reply to me with one of two very predictable responses: “Oh God, WHY?!”, or “God bless you, you must be a saint”. Read more


edu180atl: valerie migliore 12.11.2012

“Concentrate on your strengths instead of your weaknesses, on your powers instead of your problems.” -Paul J. Meyer Read more

edu180atl: gerard gatoux 12.7.12

Grammar in world language classes!  Is it a dreaded subject like many people think?   Read more

edu180atl: stephen kennedy 12.6.12

December.  Songbirds frequent the feeders far less often.  Seed lasts way too long.  The weather is nervously tropical.  But still, it’s a loss, the birds.  Read more

edu180atl: rebekah hatch 12.4.12

Spending my days as a school chaplain means that, perhaps more than most, I straddle time in a way that isn’t just marked by dates and days.  From my vantage point, today falls within the first week of Advent – a season of the church year that marks the beginning of the Episcopal church calendar.   Some days it’s Tuesday; some days it’s the third day of Advent. Read more

edu180atl: sam glover 12.3.12


Upon realizing that I am in fact turning 17 in few days time, I have been in state of mild shock. How can I actually be 17 years old? Where did 16, 15, 14 go? Read more

edu180atl: wendy albrecht 11.30.12

A more appropriate question for me to answer today would probably be “What didn’t you learn today?” As a new mom, taking care of an almost four-week old AND myself requires a level of concentration and dedication that I had heretofore never imagined! Read more

edu180atl: paul oberman 11.28.12

Today I re-learned that everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves…even high school students. Read more

edu180atl: katie jacobs 11.27.12

Today my frustration reached its peak. I am no longer disappointed nor accepting, but overwhelmed.  I have been out of commission with a knee injury for eleven months. My life has become very stationary and slow. I was always the kid going from one practice to another; never standing still. Now, I sit and watch with envy and regret, but also fear. Never in my life did I imagine the emotional and physical toll of an injury. Read more

edu180atl: nicole moreno 11.26.12

The past few days my family and I have been in Florida. While there I have looked back on my new school, new friends, and a new path that has opened up for me. I have learned that taking risks is an important part of life. Read more