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edu180atl: shelley clifford 2.17.12

Today I learned about the power of reflection. During my quiet time, I was asked to reflect on yesterday with the question, “If you were able to change one thing you did or said yesterday, what would it be?” Then the reading prompted further thought, ‘If you were able to look back on life and redo 10 things, what would those be?” This morning ideas quickly flooded my mind with hopes to be allowed a do-over or a mulligan. Obviously there are no do-overs in life, but grace allows us fresh starts and new opportunities.

I am excited about living the next thirty years of my life better than I did the previous thirty. Spending time reflecting on choices and relationships will enable me to do that. As an educator, I cannot help but constantly assess the impact of new experiences on the teachers and students with whom I learn daily. As a learner, I am a catalyst for change. I want to give children and teachers a love for challenges. I want them to be intrigued by mistakes and understand the power of reflection. Success is about stretching. As we reflect, we cannot help but stretch. How can we use this more regularly in our classrooms?

Reflecting on years one to thirty brings about lots of challenges, mistakes, and joy. I am thankful for grace and excited to live out the next thirty years more intentionally. I will embrace my mistakes, work harder, think deeper and reflect more.

About the author: Shelley Clifford (@cliffordshelley) is Head of Lower School at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Innovator, Learner, Risk-Taker

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  1. I like the tone set by the idea of intriguing mistakes. These mistakes can open doorways to new knowledge. We help young people, when we show them this, help them see this, embody this.

    February 23, 2012

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